Executive Coaching / Communication / Counselling

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Executive Coaching / Communication / Counselling

The team at SC Accounting understands the complexities of running a business and the mental health impact it can have on business owners and staff. We are keen to work with you is reducing the risks associated with the outcome of stress and communication breakdowns and assist in providing a happy and safe workplace fee from miscommunication and stress. As such we work with registered councillors to provide specialised assistance to businesses and individuals.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching includes supports offered to any professional that does not directly relate to a person’s professional registration requirements (as occurs within certain fields and may be referred to as Professional Supervision ie Counselling, Social Work, Psychology).

As your coach, Sally provides support for you to develop your customised action plan based on your professional goals. Sally will work with you to identify your strengths and areas for growth, while providing updated research/evidence based knowledge and strategies for you to implement in your professional journey. Sally will work with you to overcome any self limiting beliefs you struggle with and support you to develop greater confidence within your work setting.

In addition, sally will assist with communication and business relationship training to get the best results from your team and fellow directors. This may include one on one communication sessions or group sessions to assist with ensuring that the stresses associated with the business do not impede professional relationships.

Executive Coaching

Personal Counselling is also available if required. Counselling is a process where people talk about concerns and together with their counsellor, they develop a plan to learn and implement strategies to assist the person.

Sally is qualified and has more than 20 years experience with supporting people with a range of mental health diagnosis. Common issues brought in counselling include grief and loss, relationship issues, trauma, and many more.

Please contact us at SC Accounting to see if this service can be included within your business consulting package or alternatively feel free to contact Sally directly via her details below.

Employee Assistance Counselling

EAP’s are an invaluable service being offered to employees across Australia. Many employers are seeing the tangible benefits from utilising an external qualified coach/counsellor to provide short term supports for employees, to promote their wellbeing and retention within their workplace.

EAP is usually offered for up to six sessions per annum, per staff member, and can extend to include sessions for their immediate family members. Common concerns presented by employees within their confidential coaching/counselling session include physical/ mental health, family, financial, emotional wellbeing.

Costings for the implementation of an EAP program vary based on the number of employees within the workplace.

Please contact Sally directly to discuss your workplace’s requirements for an Employee Assistance Program.

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